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MyHep is the generic brand medication used to treat Hepatitis C virus providing an effective and economical treatment of the same. Manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the anti-viral product has Sofosbuvir as one of its active constituents. When used in combination with other essential drugs, the product facilitates the recovery of the liver and immune system from Hepatitis C infection.

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Product Question and Answer

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MyHep Usage

The ingredient Sofosbuvir is responsible for the treatment of HCV when used in combination of Ribavarin in the medication for genotypes 1,2,3,4 and Pegylated Interferon for the genotypes 1 and 4. Sofosbuvir inhibits the RNA polymerase which is used by the HCV to replicate its own RNA.

MyHep Dosage

  • The genotype of the HCV is taken into account for determining the period of prescription. For the genotypes 1, 2 and 3, MyHep will be prescribed for a duration of 12 weeks and for genotype 4, the duration of drug administration can be for 24 weeks. If Ribovarin and/or Peginterferon is/are consumed by the patient, it should be consumed for the same length of time. Also, all the medicines together should be taken daily at the same time of the day.
  • The dosage of MyHep can be arbitrated by the weight of the patient, the genotype of HCV and by taking other factors into consideration. The conventional dosage of the active component Sofosbuvir is 400 mg. However, the doctor or consultant can revise the dosage depending upon the progress of the treatment.
  • This information happens to be a general guideline, the patient should take into account the doctor’s advice before proceeding with the drug dosage and administration.

MyHep Side effects

MyHep is well endured by its patients. However, some of the trivial side effects of the product include nausea and insomnia, which are expected if the patient is administered this drug for the first time. The product can be consumed with meals in order to counter the effects of nausea, and it can be taken in the morning to reduce the severity of insomnia.

The drug could be held accountable for any decline in patients’ red blood cells. The count of RBCs could be monitored by regular tests

The drug affects liver function of the patient consuming the drug. Thus, the patient should be monitored and tested regularly for any variation in the function of the liver. Also, patients having a history of liver problems should refrain from consuming the drug under any circumstances.

Contact a doctor as soon as possible if any of the following is experienced by the patient:

  • Severe Diarrhea (even after sufficient fluid intake)
  • Changes in the heart rate
  • Breathing difficulties

MyHep Precautions

  • The prescribing doctor should be made aware of any prescription or over- the¬ counter medicines, herbal treatments or nutritional supplements which were before or are currently being consumed by the patient, before administering MyHep .
  • The unattended consumption of the drug should be avoided. It should be taken as a part of overall treatment program of HCV.
  • The intake of the product should be avoided while trying to get pregnant. The component Sofosbuvir can cause birth defects, damage to the fetus and can culminate in early termination of pregnancy. Prior to initiating the treatment, the patient should obtain a recent pregnancy test which is negative. While undergoing the treatment, the patient should use contraceptives and should undergo pregnancy tests every month.

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